“TWBAGB” (And just like that… we’re back)

Sometimes it is nice to walk away for a bit and live life.   Katy and I honestly felt that our season of writing blogs was behind us.  We loved sharing our life in small web-snippets when we got the chance, but we soon realized that with the hectic pace that we live our lives, that writing a new blog post was slowly sliding down our list of priorities.   While I would be lying if I said that we missed our blog I will admit, on occasion, we would have those… “this would be a great blogpost (twbagb)” moment but they were fleeting and replaced with another “twbagb” moment.

So why now?  Good question.   I think a part of me has always believed that regardless of how fast life goes, unless you slow down and take note, moments in life remain un-savored.  So we begin again.   We will try to be faithful in our recording of life’s lessons.  We will try and process our seasons of life on here with you.   Will we be regular?  Probably not, but we will try to get here whenever we have a great “twbagb” moment!  I hope you enjoy walking this road again with us.

Here is a photo slideshow encapsulation some of our life since our last entry…:)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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