Late Summer Harvest

Our little backyard garden is one of my very favorite things about summer in the US.  This year, because I was due to have a baby in early May, I wisely opted to not plant a garden.  However, I made this decision after I had already poured through an heirloom seed catalog and purchased a small amount of very exciting seeds.  I was very much looking forward to my Yellow Icicle Tomatoes, Petite Rouge Lettuce, and Green Machine Melons— just to name a few.  Had they grown, they would have been pretty and tasty, I have no doubt.  But, even while I pouted a little about missing my garden, I know that I made the right choice.  Not only was sweet little Reuben born in May, but I dealt with a pinched nerve in my back for about six weeks after that, and then followed that up with surgery that I am only now feeling fully recovered from.  Life has not held a lot of spare moments for watering and weeding, and sadly, there hasn’t even been lots of good time for harvesting and eating the fruit of that little dream garden.  Instead, we enjoyed many wonderful trips to the Holland Farmer’s Market, and have eaten gloriously of the local harvest all summer.  In fact, I’m looking forward to at least another good month of eating out of the Farmer’s market.

Late Summer Harvest

Despite my decision, we had some cherry tomato plants volunteer themselves in our garden this year.  They’ve grown quietly, not screaming for water or taking over the place the way some of my previous tomato plants have.  I’ve been happy to have a little something out there, looking back at me from the kitchen window.  We just harvested four cherry tomatoes.  My nemesis… the squirrel species… has taken about that many as well.  Leila tasted one (and spit it out,) and the other three are on my kitchen windowsill waiting for a salad.  That is about all we’ll get out of our garden plot this year.  Four cherry tomatoes… and at least that many smiles.

Here's to next year!


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