I do not consider numbers to be my strong suit.  They boggle my brain.

I don’t try to remember them, or calculate them.  My eyes glaze over and my heart races nervously when figures get thrown around.  And, while I definitely understand the necessity of a well-executed equation, and respect the sense of order that follows a precise mathematical solution, I have to admit my inadequacy in these situations.

Our life teems with numbers these days!

I always expect this as a pre-travel kind of thing, but the numbers are adding up a bit more than usual these days.  Since I either have to count on my fingers, or write things down to keep my digits straight, I thought this might be as good a place as any to begin ticking things off.

So, here are some current numbers that we have been working with…

India Extravaganza!

At a recent Mission Event at our church, I helped prepare a meal for 300 people.  (Did I mention that we cooked Indian food from scratch?!)  Do you know how many pounds of chicken we needed for that many people?  If you guessed 157 pounds, you were correct.  JP deep fried over 400 pappadams in our kitchen, while our friend Anila and I cooked Butter Chicken, Vegetable Pullao, and Potato Fry in the church kitchen to feed the masses.  Tummies went home happy that night… at least they did according to what I heard.  (Imagine my grateful sigh of relief!!!)

Katy with half of our 157 lbs of chicken!

1 (of 2) Gigantic Pots of Butter Chicken

1 very good friend (Anila) cooking up a storm

We were lucky to bring home 1 whole tray of gulab jamuns, a nice treat to share with JP’s friends for his 33rd birthday two days later.  We also brought home 2 flying monkeys, one with a pink cape and one with red.  Miles of entertainment.

Thank you to our dear friend Kristen for taking photos at the event, and sharing them with us.  You can check out her photo blog here

New suitcase Number 1 for India

Now that the big India event is complete, we have begun preparing for our upcoming trip to India in earnest.  There is much to think about and prepare for, oftentimes involving an assortment of new, crazy numbers.  I happen to get asked a lot of the following number related questions in case you are interested…

Number of months we will be abroad:  5

Number of children we will travel with: 2

Number of pieces of luggage allowed:  2 per person, per full-price ticket + 1 per baby price ticket = 7 suitcases

Approximate weight of aforementioned 7 suitcases: 325 lbs

Number of additional pieces to be taken along: 1 carry-on + 1 purse/backpack per person + 1 extra baby item = about 8

Total number of people and items to keep track of while traveling: 19ish

Number of hours flight time: 20

Number of planes: 3

Number of hours travel time between home here and home there: 32 (without a hiccup)

Numbers of days we will deal with jet lag: at least 12, but more like 20 when kids get involved

Number of times that one of us (I’m not naming names!) will cry: 50+

Number of very happy family members who will receive us in India, making that many tears worth it: 6+


And so, here I spend my days pondering how many sticks of my very special deodorant I need to bring, and wondering whether I need more than four bottles of infant Tylenol.  I don’t know exactly how many diapers I need to bring for the plane, and whether or not I even want to bring the diaper bag on that plane.  Should I worry about the fact that my flip flops are about ready to break?  Probably not– just buy new in India.  These are the numbers I contemplate, the incalculable thousand-odd items that will (hopefully) fit into our plethora of  suitcases and bags.   I pull out my hair over the silliest things.  Then, over and over again I realize most of the things don’t matter.  I just hope and pray that we’ll all get there safe and sound.

… too bad I have a daughter just like me.  Just when I calm myself down, Leila will come along (as she JUST did) and say, “Mommy, can you remind me to bring all of my clothes to India?”

oh dear!


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