Reuben Lives into India

I had kind of wondered what it would be like to watch Reuben learn and grow in India. We, of course, watched Leila learn and grow in India (twice already,) but Leila and Reuben are entirely different in their approach to living.

Since we’ve arrived, Reuben has been his usual self, taking life by the horns, and he ain’t lookin’ back. Last week he cut his first tooth. He seemed rather crabby about that tooth, but I suppose it could have been jet-lag. We’ll see how the rest goes. He has also managed to start swallowing (instead of just pushing it back out with his tongue) and heartily, messily enjoying rice cereal.

I was most curious about Reuben learning to crawl in India because we never saw Leila do that here. We thought you might enjoy a little peek at his efforts. This video was taken earlier this afternoon.


7 thoughts on “Reuben Lives into India

  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!
    He has such endurance! I’m so glad you posted that — if as much for seeing him crawl as hearing Katy’s voice!
    Love you guys!

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