Catching Up

January flew by.  February was a dash to the finish line.  Now, as March strolls down the lane, JP and I would like the make up for our blogging hiatus by sharing a round of favorite photos taken during “flight” and mid-“dash.”  These will just be glimpses into the good and pretty things of life in India these days.

To kick it off, I have chosen to share two of my favorite photos from our recent trip (with my sister, Amy, and brother-in-law, Kyle) to Ranganthittu, or as I like to call it, The Bird Sanctuary.  You can find The Bird Sanctuary on the way to visit Mysore, the historic capital of Karnataka, the Indian state in which Bangalore is located.  It is a stopping point for many a colorful bird, as well as home to a cartload (or two) of crocodiles that keep the monkeys and other predators at bay.

While I don’t know the name of the pretty little bird above, this one below is a Painted Stork. The Painted Storks seemed both serene in their setting, tip-toeing in the shallows and poking around for snacks, and festive with their pink and orange decorative hues.  Though JP likes to joke about getting Peacocks at the feeder, these birds were a fun change from my usual mid-February bird watching– through the kitchen window– back home.

I hope they bring a smile to your face today.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. How neat, thanks for sharing the pictures of the birds. Glad things are going well for you. May God watch over you all.


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