It is not uncommon to see a person carrying a heavy load on their head in India.  I’ve witnessed tall stacks of luggage, buckets of wet laundry,  wide baskets of ripe fruit, and precarious towers of bricks all piled on top of heads here.  This woman’s clay pot contains water, a most basic commodity.  I watched her make her way through the City Market in Bangalore, selling cups of cool water to other vendors.  There are always thirsty people.

Her back and neck are strong.  Her head, unwavering.  Here, she waits patiently, stable and still,  for a lady selling fruit to quench her thirst from the offered stainless steel tumbler.


One thought on “Strength

  1. Wow, I have trouble walking with a book on my head. JP and Katy thanks for sharing these fascinating tidbits about India. I find them quite interesting. I look forward to seeing more. May God bless all of you and, the work that you do.

    Judy Allendorfer

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