A Changing Space


Bangalore, India… View from Osborne Road

The question that everyone has been asking for nearly two years finally has an answer. When people ask when our next trip to India is, I say June.


Just around the corner.

It might not feel that way to you- especially if it is still 5 degrees Fahrenheit out there like it was for us this morning- but I know that June is just around the corner. I’m aware of June’s proximity because suddenly, right under the surface, I am always thinking about India. Admittedly, with a husband who travels to India regularly, and work that focuses largely on India, and half of our extended family living in India, India is just about always on my mind.  However, I have suddenly begun to remember what it feels like to realistically think of myself in India, my children in India.  I was wondering the other day if Leila has any shorts or skirts that will still fit her in June.  This morning I told Reuben that he needs to do a better job of practicing on the potty because big boys that use the potty are more likely to get to rides on scooters and motorcycles in India– one of his greatest obsessions. I am making mental notes of recipes to bring along to India, and I decided I need to go file for an international driver’s license because I don’t want to sit around on my hands for another whole season in India. Yes, my brain has kicked into travel-prep gear, allowing the dreams of my heart these past two years to bubble up to the surface.

JP will have been to India FIVE times without us before we make our family trip this June. As JP visited India during these last two years, he witnessed wild growth spurts in the new Ministry Center that had been just the whisper of a dream in May 2012. Back then I witnessed only the antsy-ness, the practically palpable energy around the campus as the decision was made to keep the primely located property on Osborne Road, tear down the old homestead and build in its place a multi-storied building. This Ministry Center will soon house WCOI’s director (my father-in-law) and assistant director (my brother-in-law) and their families. Plus, it creates a parking area, apartments for hosting guests, and a beautiful worship space. Through pictures and stories relayed by our family, as well as the occasional live-in-person visit by JP, we have held our breath and rejoiced and worried and waited for the building to near its completion this Spring. Next Thursday JP will head to India for that 5th trip, embarking on our first- and perhaps only- “India Work Trip.”  Their plan includes a lot of carpentry and painting and general assistance in the finishing tasks that remain around the building.  It is a very, very exciting trip, and it moves our family trip all the more to the front of my mind.


How many of us have come down that slope to be welcomed and eat a delicious meal around the Sundararajan table-- right inside that remaining window?

How many of us have come down that slope to be welcomed and eat a delicious meal around the Sundararajan table– right inside that remaining window?


The space is made ready for building.

The space is made ready for building.





You'll notice that a building is also going up just next door.  This place will be so different when I return!

Notice that a building is going up just next door… This place will be so different when I return!

See them toss the bricks?

See them toss the bricks?

Major Progress.

Major Progress.

I know we’ve been quiet these last two years. Really, I’ve been quiet, as I’m the main blogger around here. Somehow the blog has become my “India Brain” space. I’ve always hoped and desired the blog to be valued and utilized in our whole life, but it obviously gets much more animated surrounding our Indian travels.  I’m not sure if I’ve had nothing to say, or if it was truly just a quiet time.  Life kept on moving,certainly, but I fell quiet. Perhaps I just needed a bit more spice.  😉  Whatever the case, my words are rising up again and I invite you, humbly and with a bit of self consciousness, to follow along, listen to our story, and participate in the color and spice.

Many thanks to my brother-in-law, James Sundararajan, who was on site to take all of these great photos!!


2 thoughts on “A Changing Space

  1. God is definitely at work! Please keep on writing! If you need some “spice” I can find some Cayenne pepper or something to send! We praise God for the positive influence of your family in India!

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