About Us

We are JP, Katy, Leila, and Reuben Sundararajan.

Much of our tale, including the stories that we share here, have to do with “place.” We think a lot about where we’re from, and where we’re going to. JP is from India, and Katy is from the U.S., but the more that time passes, the more that both of us are from both of these places. Leila and Reuben will understand this even better than we do.

We love our homes. In more ways than one, our lives and our hearts are split between these two vastly different worlds. If you follow along with our blog, you’ll learn that we come and go between one home and another, seeking to be purposeful and authentic in our lifestyle, and striving to be faithful and hopeful in all that we do.

We share our blog so that family and friends around the world can participate in life with us, even when separated by land and sea. Some of our stories are silly, and some may make you think, but most are just plain life as it happens, and as we take the time to capture it. We’re glad that you’ve taken some time from your day to poke around life’s places with us.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. It was so nice to meet your family today!

    What a contagious blessing you are, sharing the word and love of Christ. Humbled by your stories and inspired to serve our God selflessly.
    Hope to see you soon!!!!! 🙂

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