Practical uses for a Turban

Practical Use of Turban, #1

Cover your Head

Recently, my brother-in-law and father-in-law came home from a distribution, the new owners of two brightly colored turbans.  For a while they just sat on the ironing table.  Then, my father-in-law came up with something way more fun.

Practical Use of Turban, #2



wild thing in the wind

a little wild thing

JP’s Good Night/Day

Last night was arguably one of my favorite nights so far in Bangalore.   We did not have to go out to a fancy restaurant or an exotic locale here in India.   We actually stayed home.  My cricket team, the Bangalore Royal Challengers, were playing a team from Kolkata.   It is the shorter (3 hour game) and more entertaining form of cricket.   As I began to watch, my mom asked me if I’d like to eat dosas for dinner.  Now dosas are probably my most favorite food item here in India.  I cannot leave India without eating a dosa.  And while restaurants make AMAZING dosas for 15 rupees (a little more than 25 cents), nothing compares to my mom’s hot dosas.   She had an amazing chicken curry and yummy coconut chutney as accompaniments to these crispy rice crepes.   She just kept serving up dosas to Katy and me till we could have no more…  seriously… this is the life.   My night was complete right there but this was a special night because Bangalore won their game as well!   


A standard dosa (courtesy of the internet)

A standard dosa (courtesy of the internet)

In honor of their victory, I wore their jersey today.   I had to drop Katy off downtown so she could buy some things.  On my way there, I stopped by a gas station to fill some petrol in the scooter.  As the gas station attendant was filling the vehicle, a few of his friends joined him.  I wasn’t sure why they were all there so I took my helmet off to hear what they were talking about.  While the vehicle was almost done filling, the man asked me in halting Kannada where I got my jersey.  Then realizing that I also spoke Tamil, he switched and wanted to know ALL about it.  So here I was, in a busy gas station, with a WHITE girl, and nobody even looked twice at Katy.  All they wanted to know was about my jersey!   🙂  Now… I am not trying to gloat, but even Katy had to admit, somedays, even JP gets to be the star! 🙂   

I am not going to get used to it… but it was fun while it lasted.


The sweet jersey!

The sweet jersey!


grapefruitAs far as I know, grapefruit is not commonly found in India. It is currently tangerine season in India, and I have eaten oranges here on numerous occasions. Limes and lemons are probably the most prominent of the citrus fruits found in India. The limes/lemons (they seem to be interchangeable here) used here look very similar to the key limes found in the U.S. Grapefruit, however, is not something I have ever once seen in the markets, or in JP’s home, and if there is a fruit to be had in India, JP’s dad has brought it home to me and the rest of his foreign guests. It is one of the things we all love so much about JP’s dad… his ability to produce the best and the juiciest fruits in all of India for our eager and curious taste buds.

So here is the funny thing that happened…

Shortly after we arrived in March, a conversation was taking place between JP and his dad which I could not follow because of it being in Tamil. After some time, JP turned to me and told me that the word for grapefruit in Tamil is “Bumblimas.” We both giggled about the way this word sounded as it rolled off our tongues.


try it out.. its fun!!


Well, we then discovered that our darling daughter loved the sound of this word as well. If we said the word bumblimas to her, she would smile, and sometimes even giggle. It was quite adorable. Because of this, we began to call Leila ‘our little Bumblimas.’ It made us laugh, and it made her laugh.

Then we went out of town with the Sundstrom family. When Leila was crying in her car seat, or when we were lounging around, or when we wanted to tease her, we would playfully call her Bumblimas. It was really catching on!! In fact, it was catching on more than we realized. We visited a temple in Madurai, and it was a packed house due to the temple being newly painted and re-opened. We had meandered our way through the entire temple and were making our way out through the throngs of people when one of the workers at the temple looked at Leila in JP’s arms and called her a Bumblimas!! Ha! And, no, we did not mistake her words because she pulled a friend over, pointed at Leila, and once more called her Bumblimas.


(You know you want to say it again!)

Well, as it turns out, our cousin Sheeba informed us that people in South Tamil Nadu often refer to chubby babies as Bumblimas. They have no idea that there is a fruit out there that it also called Bumblimas. Haha! I do get it, though, with those nice round cheeks of Leila’s how someone might think them akin to the roundness of a grapefruit. I find all of this to be a hilarious and wonderful way of coming up with (and confirming) the cutest nickname ever.

Our little Bumblimas on her 6 month birthday, dressed up and attending her first Indian wedding.  Pictured here with Ansu Auntie.

Our little Bumblimas on her 6 month birthday, dressed up and attending her first Indian wedding. Pictured here with Ansu Auntie.

And just as a closing note…

They DO have bumblimas in India, at least they do in Bangalore. The reason I know this is because my poor sister-in-law, Anita, was craving bumblimas, and my poor father-in-law was scouring the city to find some for her. There have been several sightings recently, but none have arrived at home yet. Wouldn’t you know, now I’m starting to crave it too!

Leila Licks Things





Leila spends lots of time licking these days.

Also, I forgot to tell you about how we got stuck in Gary, Indiana on the way home from Iowa and South Dakota.  The visiblity was poor, the weather was getting worse, and Leila began screaming in the back seat.  We opted to get a hotel for the night, and Leila enjoyed playing princess with all the pillows on the bed…

Princess Leila

Princess Leila